Frantic.  Fun.  Loud.  Authentic.  If you seek salvation, look no         further than sparkle*jets u.k.  It's been ages since a band came along that everyone would like, kids, teens, boomers, even
stuck up wall street types.  Students, drunks, nuns,
biochemists, it doesn't matter.  Rock music is coming back,
and sparkle*jets u.k. have it down, expertly honed to hit your
heart and not let go.  An aural slap and caress all at once.

Bringing with them a passion for the last 30 years of amazing pop music, they set out to boil it all down to its core: pure blissful fun with an eternally youthful attack. 

Garnering their name from the Gretsch guitars they promised to buy themselves when they "made it", along with a perfect example of their wacky humor (attaching the oh-so-eighties "u.k." tag) they set out from Orange County to make their mark on the Los Angeles pop hotbed.  They released their critically acclaimed debut "In, Through, and Beyond" at the end of 1998, and it wasn't long until they were flavor of the month among pop stalwarts across the nation, playing knockout shows at crowded clubs and major pop festivals.  Their new-found alliances paid off in their 2000 release of a coup-de-gras tribute album to themselves featuring 20 other bands.

Now the band has formed a formidable alliance with Smile Records, who are releasing their second album, the versatile & multi-faceted "Bamboo Lounge", which has already attracted huge praises from the press and fans alike since it's underground "pre-release" last summer.  The word on the street is for everyone to get onboard as sparkle*jets u.k. make the transition from local phenomenon to the big time.

Meet the band:

Michael Simmons: computer geek meets guitar god, called "the ultimate consumer" by the band, can be found buried amongst ceiling-high piles of CD's and gadgets, recording and archiving nearly everything he ever experiences, just in case.  He also writes, sings, and plays guitar.

Susan West: she's the boss.  The quirky heart and soul of the band, friend to all, and a super  mom.  She also writes killer lyrics & songs, plays guitar, and has a voice that many fans and press people have called "one of the most awesome and powerful instruments ever."

Jamie "Mr." Knight:  He's the only high school librarian you're likely to find with 1600 watts of pure bass fury at his disposal.  He lends the distinction of a real working pedigree in rock, jazz, soul, and new wave.  A bassist without peer.

Larry Doran: the boy next door, picket fences and all.  His other role is that of the man behind the counter of your favorite cool record shop.  But sometimes, when the night is right, he can be found at the back of the stage, pounding those pagan drums.

Hum a Few Bars
And just try to resist!