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The Knack has just released a new 12 song CD, "Normal As the Next Guy".   "Normal" was produced by Doug Fieger and Richard Bosworth.  "This band is the best it's ever sounded, played and performed," states lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Fieger, who co-founded The Knack with members Berton Averre (guitar) and Prescott Niles (bass).  Pat Torpey plays drums on this new album, along with David Henderson, who performs with the band live, replacing Bruce Gary from the original lineup.

Fans of The Knack have been around since the band's formation in May, 1978.  The Knack signed with Capitol Records, made their debut LP with producer Mike Chapman (Blondie), and "My Sharona" then became the #1 Rock Song of the Decade (Billboard).  Their first album sold six million copies, and the band has always remained an influence on the pop music community....MORE

Once upon a time - not really that long ago - there was a man who loved women.  He loved them so much that over time he'd fathered children by a number of different women..... MORE
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sparkle*jets u.k.
Introducing sparkle*jets u.k.....Frantic.  Fun.  Loud.  Authentic.  If you seek salvation, look no further than sparkle*jets u.k.  It's been ages since a band came along that everyone would like, kids, teens, boomers, even stuck up wall street types.  Students, drunks, nuns, biochemists, it doesn't matter.  Rock music is coming back, and sparkle*jets u.k. have it down, expertly honed to hit your heart and not let go.  An aural slap and caress all at once.

Bringing with them a passion.....  MORE

POP.... a shortened version of the word "popular" which the dictionary defines as being "of all the people or for the masses".  That being so, then any band that plays pop music cannot and should not be clumped into any one genre, because pop music is a combination of all forms of the music that most of the people like. 

Take, for example, Supremium.   The band's musical influences range from the R&B early Motown sounds to southern rock, hard rock, blues, early 80's punk and, of course, anything by The Beatles or early British invasion bands.   ..... MORE
Once upon a time - not really that long ago - there was a man who loved women.  He loved them so much that over time he'd fathered children by a number of different women..... MORE
Jeff, the leader of The Oranges, is the former member of "The Shamrock" which is influenced by the British beat sound such as 'The Who' and 'Small Faces' and has released 6 albums and 11 EPs from 2 different record companies; Epic Sony Records and Pony Canyon Records.The Oranges produce incredibly pure, hip, catchy, Japanese bubblegum power pop songs and needless to say, their music is based on love and dreams you have.  With their Bay City Roller "look" and Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods haircuts, this foursome -Jeff (vocals, guitars), Robin (Bass, Vocals), Pea (Drums, Vocals) and Nelo (Guitars, Vocals)- have the ultimate power-pop band ever to come out of Japan."....MORE
The Stand is a modern Power Pop guitar band with a sound which displays their penchant for the catchy meoldies of Raspberries and Sweet -era music, yet adds the pop aggression of bands such as Sugar and The Grays.  Big guitars, big hooks and big grooves abound in this music, with the urban poetry of Tony Valenziano causing the listener to become involved with the characters withing the songs.  "The Stand is undoubtedly one of the premier power pop groups in 2002..... But good songs are hard to overlook, and with candy-sweet tracks like "Something About You" and "Everything I Say to You," this is one album that delivers them in spades"- Bradley Torreano**** (4 Star) rating from All Music guide. The four members of The Stand have been poppin' the L.A. club scene since the new resurgence of power pop and have been leading the way in helping expose this music again.
Smash incorporates simple pop melodies with layers of soft vocal harmonies to achieve infectious hooks that bury themselves deep within that soft marshmallow-like tissue in your head.  While the Partridge Family comparison is a true description of its sound, Smash delivers the songs with enough competent playing to prove that they're not just a made-for-tv band.  "I describe it as 'Sugar power pop meets The Raspberries", says lead vocalist Tony Valenziano.  "It's not bubble gum, but sweet enough to be that close.  It's like a band from the sixties that recorded in the seventies and should've known about the eighties, but lives in the present....MORE

Fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Hutchinson, his band HUTCH has guest-starred members of label acts Mini Bar, Imperial Drag, and the Young Dubliners. Inching closer to a record deal, Joe finally found the commitment needed to take the band to a national level as drummer Thom Sullivan (The Exies) climbed aboard with his explosive beats and former bandmate and bassist Glenn Hays (The Hutchinsons) stepped back into the limelight. ....MORE
Stew \'stu\ n: a heterogeneous mixture, says the Merriam Webster dictionary, a pretty good place to start defining Stew the man, musical artiste and women's hats fancier. Another handy meaning is "a state of suppressed agitation"...very familiar to Stew. But it's all just the tip of the iceberg that is the singer, songwriter, guitarist and leader of The Negro Problem, winner of critical notice from the likes of Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and The New Republic, buzz-makers at both SXSW and NXNW, and perennial "best of" contenders on the L.A. scene....MORE
Carla Olson
"The Ring Of Truth" is the latest in a series of group, duo, and solo albums by Carla Olson. After an EP and a single came the highly acclaimed Textones albums, the first of which, on A&M Records, 1984's "Midnight Mission," was re-released by Evangeline Recorded Works/UNI (UK) in October of 2001. "Midnight Mission" put Carla on the map for two reasons  the songwriting thereon and the guests. When your debut album features Byrds co-founder Gene Clark, as well as Ry Cooder and Don Henley somebody's gonna notice. Plus there were two videos on MTV, international touring, rave press notices, recording sessions with John Fogerty, Don Henley, and Sky Saxon of the Seeds!......MORE
Carla Olson
Mind if we make love to you?

It doesn't sound THAT obtrusive when you consider how long Wondermints have waited to ask it. Four years is a long time for any band. For Darian Sahanaja, Nick Walusko, and Mike D'Amico, it's been a period of intense creative and personal growth that found Wondermints develop from a highly-touted L.A. band idolized by fans of the town's thriving pop music scene to being revered by world class musicians such as Brian Wilson, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and members of S Club 7.......MORE